Charlotte Anna Baker

Charlotte Anna Baker, lovingly called Anna by her family and friends, was born May 10, 1860. She was the second child of Annette Lashley Baker and Minot Emerson Baker. A sister, Emma Lucinda born February 1, 1858 preceded her. Her father was the son of Emerson and Chloe Baker born April 20, 1828, Jefferson County, New York. Her mother was the daughter of Edward and Charlotte Lashley born October 18, 1839 in Crawford County, Ohio. Minot and Annette were married March 29, 1857. Minot Emerson Baker died at Polk City, Iowa, September12, 1902. Annette Lashley Baker died at Moravia, Iowa, August 17, 1918.

Anna's other sisters and brothers were:
Mary Adalaid born February 1, 1862
Martha Alvira born October 22, 1863, died July 28, 1864
Frank Emerson born August 13, 1865
Nellie Almira born October 24, 1867
Chloe Dorcas born September 27, 1872
Chet Hunt born October 18, 1878

Anna Baker married Louis Hast, January 3, 1881. They were married by a A. L. Lisbie at Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. Louis was a widower with three children, Mary, August and Lulu. Anna mothered and raised them along with the four that she bore. All who new her saw her as a good mother, enjoying her family and entertaining whoever came to the home and making them feel welcome. She was a good Christian and her idea of a perfect Sunday was to fill a whole row in the First Presbyterian Church with her children and grandchildren. Much good could be said for little independent, Anna Baker Hast.

To this marriage, Carl Baker Hast was born August 18, 1883. Louis Grover was born January 15, 1887. Georgia Annette was born November 1, 1889. Fred Homer was born February 26, 1892.

As in many families there was a mingling of joy and sorrow. Lulu who was preparing to graduate from high school, became ill on the forth of January, 1897 and passed away on the twenty-fifth. She was buried in a lovely white dress that she was to have worn for graduation. Mary Hast became the bride of Dr. C. C. Shope, June 12, 1900. Georgia Annette married Dean W. Peterson, who had just completed divinity studies and had been assigned to India. This marriage took place August 12m 1913. A family story was that Anna Hast was very upset with the wedding and said to Mr. Peterson, "How dare you steal my daughter and take her off to some awful foreign place". Of course, that was before she new what a fine man  he was and the beautiful wedding was held. At the wedding, August Hast's daughter Madeline was a flower girl and his son Byron, ring bearer. August Hast had married a Blanche Thomas. Louis Hast married Florence Harris and the marriage was not a good one for some time. They lost an infant son and Anna at times was drawn into their troubles.As years went by things improved and the marriage lasted until his death in 1937.

Anna's oldest son Carl, was diagnosed as having tuberculosis and went to Moriarity, New Mexico to live on a land grant. This was to be beneficial to his health. Carl died August 23, 1915 at the age of thirty-two. Anna's husband Louis, died at home May 28, 1924 at the age of seventy-five. Anna Baker Hast died at the age of seventy-four, sincerely missed by all who had known her.