Johann Daniel Hast I

Johann Daniel Hast, Council Alderman and Mayor (September 1727), Hatzfeld, Birth 1656, Baptized 20.06.1656 Sponsors: Mr Daniel Zoll Rathsgenoß, Johann Daniel Gropf weyland Herrn Caspar Gropf also Ratsverwanden allhier relictus filius, and Elisabetha Herrn Georg Pfeils and Anna Magdalena Herrn Johann Rudolphs Bergmeisters filia, konf. 1667, Death 10.03.1732 Buried 13.03.1732 (oldest council alderman), Married 30.05.1682 Anna Gertraud Benner, Birth around March 1661 (calculated), Death 27.12.1731 (70 years and 9 months old), Buried 30.12.1731, daughter of Caspar Benner and Anna Maria Eckhard


1. Maria Catharina Hast, Birth 1683 baptized 11.03.1683 Paten: beide Mütter Maria Hastin and Merga Caspar Benners Wittib, Johann Christoph Dornseiff Adjunctus to Eisenhausen, Death 03.02.1738, Married 16.11.170729 Johann Caspar Pfeil senior, birth 1680 baptized 18.04.1680, died 29.09.1724

Johann Caspar Pfeil died September 29, because the same shot from the Carl von Hatzfeld in his leg, which was not Curie to that so for 12 days it died and therefore not pay werdige. Causes have been using. The ... a pigsty behind in your home .... want as the. Want to give Gemeindte so about the shooting of Hatzfeld among them, and to Jacob Irle by one leg and obbemelde ... it has had to give up "

Son of Johann Matthäus Pfeil and Anna Maria Harthenrath
2. Anna Gertrud Hast, Birth 1685 Baptized 06.01.1685 (Dom. Epiphany) Sponsors: Des Herrn Pfarres of Dexbachs daughter, Death October 1685 Buried October 1685

3. Johann Matthias Hast, Birth 1686, Baptized August 1686 Godfather: Matthiey Pfeil, Death August, 1686, Buried August 1686

4. Johann Adam Hast, Birth 1687 Baptized 29.09.1687 (Dom. 19. Trinitatis) Pate: Herr Adam Wild Pastor of Dexbach, Death February 1698 an den Röteln Buried 19.02.1698

5. Anna Gertrud Hast, Birth 1690, Baptized 12.01.1690 Sponsors: Lorentz Behmen Frau Anna Catharina and Johann Henrich Pfeil, Death 28.09.1745, Married 04.05.1724 Johann Christoph Leich, Birth 1684, Baptized 30.10.168441 Death 14.04.173542, Son of Johann Matthäus Leich, Fürstl. Mayor and Chief Ranger and Elisabetha Müller

6. Johann Helfrich Hast, Birth 1692, Baptized 25.09.1692 (Dom. 14. Trinitatis) Sponsors: Johann Helfrich Hast, Johann Daniel Bauer, Maria Elisabeth Johann Daniel Bauers daughter, Death March 1698 to the Pox, Buried 20.03.1698

7. Maria Elisabeth Hast, Birth 1695 Baptized 02.03.1695 Sponsors: Herrn Donrseifs daughter of Eisenhausen, Death 31.08.1748, Married 17.05.1718 Georg Anthon (Antonius) Irle, Schneider und Krämer, Birth 1694, Baptized 21.10.1694, Death ?, Son of Jacob Irle and Anna Catharina Mengel

8. Johann Daniel Hast, Birth 1697, Baptized 08.08.1697 Godfather: Lotz Benner, Death May 1698, Buried 20.05.1698

9. Johann Daniel Hast II, Birth 1699

10. Anna Catharina Hast, Birth 1702, Baptized 12.11.1702 Sponsors: Anna Gertrud Ludwig Bäumners Frau, Death 04.04.1780, Marriage 1. 15.07.1728 Ernst Christian Lampes, Baker to Gießen, Birth Death before 1732 in ?; Marriage 2. 16.05.1732 Johann Georg Freitag (FREYTAG), Baker, Birth 1708, Baptized 17.11.1708, Death 03.05.1784, Son of Johann Conrad Freytag and Catharina Elisabetha Lettermann