Johann Wilhelm Hast IULic.

Johann Wilhelm Hast IULic. Was christened 1688 and died 2/7/1746. He was an advocat. His father was Johann Helfrich Hast.

Johann Wilhelm Hast attended the University of Gießen.

Copy of his Thesis


He married Maria Elisabeth Meyfahrt on 2/4/1713. Her father was Johann Henrich Meyfahrt Advoc. U. Procurator ordin.


They had the following children:                              Christened                 Died

            Henrich Rudolf Hast Advot. Procurator       4/17/1713                  7/4/1775

            Dorthea Maria Ursula Hast                          3/13/1715                 

            Ludwig Siegmund Friedrich Hast               9/11/1717                  7/27/1719

            Catherine Wilhelmine Elisabeth Hast         11/8/1719                 

            Phillippina Johannetta Alexandrina             1/10/1722                  4/13/1747

            Magdalena Eleonora Hast                           3/27/1724                 

            Johannetta Louisa Elisabetha Hast            9/30/1726                 

            Regina Ludwica Elisabetha                         5/30/1729                 

            Carl August                                                    3/15/1732

            Christiana Catherina                                     1/25/1735

            Reinhard Wilhelm                                           7/1/1737



Advot. = Advotatus, advocatus = "Vogt" = reeve ?
(an administrator)

Procurator = Stellvertreter = representative (?) of
a person, in this case of the advotatus
so You may say Vice Administrator.

IUlic may be "IU" "ius utrumque". Ius means "law" and
"utrum" means "both", i.e. roman and canonical law,
and "lic = licentiatus" is an academic title.
The same may hold for IUD = ius utrumque doctor