Johann GEORG Valetine Mohr and. KATHERINE HEIL MOHR


GEORG and. KATHERINE HEIL MOHR came to America about May 30 1862 from Dharmstadt, Hessen, Schilitz Ne Louterback, Germany. They were weavers and when they prepared to leave Germany, three big looms had to be sold. As Germany only allowed Immigrants to take a set amount of money out of the country with them, the story is handed down to us that Katherine Mohr sewed the gold coins from the sale of the looms, into here undergarments. This would give the necessary money to buy land in America.

The Mohrs and five sons: Johannes, Phillipp, Charles Christian, Heinrich and Konrad. For some reason, the family always pronounced the latter son's name "Coon Rod". Perhaps a family joke, for the Mohrs down thorough the years have been known for their love of laughter. They settled at Sandwich, De Kalb County, Illinois. A son George was born after the Mohrs were in America.

When the Clivil War broke out, John enlisted in the Union Amry. He came home from the war but died of typhoid. at twenty-three. Phillip was the only one of the family members to ever return to Germany to see the old family home again. He said that the old house was still there with the name "Mohr" over the front door.

At the old cemetery, near Shabbona, are the graves of John Mohr and his father, George Mohr born 1821, died 1892 and Katherine Heil Mohr. There is no stone for  Katherine. She lived in Iowa with her son, Phillip, after the death of her husband.