Johann Andreas Mohr and Anna Christina Krueger

Johann Andreas Mohr was born in Wetzlos near Wehrda, about 1746. Johann's fathers name was Johann Heinrich Mohr. Johann Heinrich Mohr was from Wetzlos. Johann Andreas was married on June 19th, 1769 in Schlitz to Anna Christina Krueger. document

Henrich Jeremias Krueger was a widower when he married Anna Catharina Schnell on August 22, 1746. Anna Krueger was born September 15, 1749 in Schlitz. Henrich Jeremias Krueger was a Master Shoemaker and townsman.

in 1746 Johann Andreas and Anna lived in the house where the Krompelmarkt is. Later in 1746 the moved to Gunthergasse 1. This information was available from a book (Special pattern list of the city of Schlitz of 1807). This book was from the time when Napolean ruled around Germany. There is a map in the book that pertains to each person.

According to the marriage license of 1769, Johann was Herrschaftlicher Reitknecht, a Horse Trainer.

Their first son was born November 1, 1769. His name was Johannes Mohr.

According to the Birth Certificate of his second child Henrich Jeremias Mohr, August 6, 1770, Johann Andreas Mohr was a Citizen and Trading Partner.

According to a wedding entry of his son Johann Georg Mohr in 1811, Johann Andreas was an Estate Field Supervisor.

They had 12 children. Their 11th child was Johann Georg Mohr, born July 9, 1788 in Schlitz.

It is said that Johann and Anna resided on Gunthergasse 1 in Schlitz. The building is still there.

Johann Andreas Mohr died Feb 21, 1822 in Schlitz.

Anna died Dec 31, 1833 in Schlitz.