Johann Georg Mohr

Johann Georg Mohr was born July 9, 1788 in Schlitz. He was baptized on July 10, 1788. His godfather was Johann Georg Sauer son of Georg Sauer - Shoemaker. document

On Jan 20, 1811 he married Anna Elisabeth Wohlgemuth. Anna was born on Feb 12, 1789 in Schlitz. She was the daughter of Johann Peter Wohlgemuth a Barber.

According to his marriage license (1811), Johann Georg was a Master Linenweaver.

According to the birth Certificate of his son Johann Georg Valentin, 1819, Johann Georg was an Estate Supervisor.

According to his son's marriage, Johannes (1841), Johann Georg was a Court Master Cheif.

Johann Georg and Anna Elisabeth had 4 children, 1girl and 3 boys.

Elisabeth Beate Mohr born Feb 1, 1812. In 1843 she married Christian Karl Orthwein.

Johannes Mohr born April 19, 1814. Dorthea Knoblauch was born Feb 10, 1813 in Schlitz. They married on Aug 8, 1841. Johannes was a Trader in Clothing. They had 9 children. Johannes died April 3, 1875. Dorthea died Nov 29, 1875.

Andreas Mohr was born on Dec 9, 1816. Since his 1st birthday he suffered with ulcers on his glands. Andreas dies at the age of 16, May 22, 1833. Andreas's God Father was his Grand Father, Johann Andreas Mohr.

Johann Georg Valentin Mohr was born May 30, 1819. Johann Georg Valentin Mohr married Katherine Heil from Schlitz on June 2, 1842. According to an emigration document at the township archives office in Schlitz, they emigrated to North America in 1862.

In 1852 Johann Georg Mohr was living at IM Grund 2.

Johann Georg died on Jan 6, 1850.

Anna Elisabeth died Oct 9, 1863.