Johannes Mohr II

1777 birth of Johannes Mohr on March 18 and baptism on March 18. His godfather was Johannes Sturtz a master stonemason. (Page 363 entry 35)

Johannes Mohr and Catarina Elisabetha Mohr died on September 13, 1780 in a loan pit cave in. Andreas Mohr was there and got out but the children didn't. They were buried on September 14, 1780. (page 847, entry 58 & 59)

Gravestone of 1777 read:

Here sleep in God: Johannes Mohr and Catherina Elisabetha Mohr, The father Andreas Mohr, the mother born Krieger(in)
Her life was short, her death painful. As they speeded to her father, he worked in the loan-pit, frightful was her death.
The Loan-pit fall in and the children were dead, only father could save himself (7 years old and ? years)