John Christian Ankel and Katherine Elizabeth Henry

John Christian Ankel and Katherine Elizabeth Henry Ankel immigrated from Nassaner Germany. John was born in Germany, January 15, 1822. Katherine Elizabeth Henry was born in Germany, October 12, 1827.

In 1853, they took their three children, Adolph, Will and Polmena and boarded a ship flying the Belgian flag, for their long trip to America. On this journey, their daughter Emma Amalia was born. Her birth date was May 19, 1853. She was the Ankel's fourth child.

Three more sisters were to come to complete the family in America. Mary Laura born August 3, 1860, Caroline (Carrie) born July 22, 1862 and Rosa born July 9, 1872.

Both John and Katherine Ankel died in Hiawatha, Kansas. John died on June 6, 1915 and Katherine died May 4, 1889.

Mary Laura Ankel Married Charles William Hawks, May 27, 1881.

Caroline (Carrie) Ankel married George Henry Hawks.

Rosa Ankel married Oran Marple, October 21, 1891. Rosa and Oran Marple were Salvation Army people and they traveled around the country in a surrey doing the work.

Emma Ankel married Charles Christian Mohr, March 16, 1871 at Sominauk, Illinois. Ten children were born to them. Two of the children died as infants, a son Christian and a daughter Fanny. The others reached maturity, but a daughter Clara, whose married name was Cordes, died at twenty-five.

A story handed down tells that one daughter, Rosalinn, was nicknamed "Tiny" because when she was born, she was so small that she would fit in a cigar box. Emma Mohr died October 18, 1902, leaving a void in the lively family. The mothering fell to her daughter Mary temporarily, George was about twelve, Rosalinn nine and Lillie (Lillian) was six.

After a time Christian married a lady by the name of Brennaman, The family was living over by Brooklyn at the time. This marriage did not turn out to be a happy marriage and it was dissolved. Some time later he met and married a very sweet little German lady near Victor, Iowa in 1908. She was a widow with a daughter. Her name was Mathilda Ludwig Richardt born January 3, 1865 and died January 17, 1938.

Emma Christian had married a Park, Katherine was married to a Beamer, Mary later married a Tinkle, Margaret married Charles Roth, Rosalinn married Fred H. Hast, Lillie married Rilea Doe and George married Ruby Smith.