Rosa Dora Mohr Hast

Rosa Dora Mohr was born April 23, 1893, the daughter of Charles Christian and Emma Amalia Ankel. She was the Mohr's ninth child, two brothers and six sisters proceeded her and another sister Lillie.  Lillie was born October 3, 1896. The Mohr household was a busy and jolly one. The first brother, Christian, had died as an infant. The other brother, George, was both a blessing and a tease to the eight girls.

Rosa's mother died when she was nine. The older girls mothered her and her younger sister. As most children do, the three younger ones had a game that they played. The game consisted of riding the kitchen chairs. It was done by sitting facing back of the chair, with a leg on either side of the seat and hopping the chairs around the kitchen. Of Course, this could only be played when big sisters were busy elsewhere!

The Mohr sisters were noted for their beauty and soon were married.
Emma Christine married Alonzo D. Park.
Clara married Dick Cordes.
Mary married Ernst Tinkle.
Katherine married Charles Beemer,
Margaret married Charles Roth.
Lillie married Rilea Doe.
George married Ruby Smith.
While with her sister, Katherine, in Des Moines, Iowa, Rosa met Fred Homer Hast. They were married May 24, 1915 and lived in many areas. Fred's Job opportunities were varied. They were living in Butte, Montana when their first son, Frederick Louis, was born. The baby was to die of Spinal Meningitis before he was two. It was a heart broken couple who saw him laid to rest in Mountain View Cemetery in Butte, Montana.

April 8, 1920, Rosa and Fred's second son was born. He was named George Richard Hast but promptly nicknamed "Dick". Early on, they taught him to say "I'm Dicky George Richard Hast, two years old". The family were all in Des Moines, Iowa when their third son, Louis Mohr, was born on September 6, 1924.

The Family moved to East Moline, Illinois and the boys grew to adulthood. George Richard married Frances Rebecca Shaffner on July 1, 1939. They had four sons. (see George Richard Hast Family) Louis Mohr married Elaine Ida Preston of Sheffield, Illinois. They had three boys and one girl. (See Louis Mohr Hast Family).

Rosa Hast preferred to be called Rose, She was an outstanding cook and housekeeper. She loved social events and had to be very ill not t go and play cards or attend a party being held by family or friends. To Rose, a good joke was as natural as breathing. She had a keen sense of humor. She loved children and enjoyed helping friends get started with a new baby. Much could be said of her abilities.

On January 17, 1968, Rosa Hast passed away at the Americana Nursing Center in Moline, Illinois. She is resting at Rose Lawn Cemetery, Moline, Illinois, beside her husband, Fred, never to be separated from him again. They were married 49 years, before his death, June 7, 1964. Her children and grand children had her name bronzed on her gravestone plaque "Rose", since she seamed to like that best. Many of us loved the old German name she was given at birth. Quoting Shakespeare, "A Rose by any other name..."