Johannes Mohr and Dorthea Knoblauch

Johannes was the first son of Johann Georg Mohr. Johannnes was born April 19, 1814 in Schlitz. Johannes married Dorthea Knoblauch on August 8, 1841 in Schlitz. Dorthea was born Feb 10, 1813 in Schlitz. Her father was Adam Knoblauch. Adam was a Carpet Master.

Johannes had a variety of occupations: dyer, clothing tradesman, manufacturer and a "spezereikramer". Johannes was also a church warden (Church Lay Leader).

Johannes and Dorthea had 9 children.

1. Karl Mohr was born February 5, 1842. In the summer of 1865 Karl immigrated to North America.

2. Katharina Mohr was born October 13, 1843 in England. Married William Den

3. Karl Georg Mohr was born July 20, 1845. Karl Georg Mohr died September 16, 1846.

4. Wilhelmine Christiane Caroline Mohr was born October 9, 1847. Married Edward Grebe in Leizig. Edward was a book binder.

5. Christian Carl Gottlieb Mohr was born October 9, 1847.

6. Louis Mohr was born March 14, 1850. Louis was a businessman in Kassel.

7. Georg Mohr was born March 8, 1852. God parent was Georg Knoblauch.

8. Stillborn son January 15, 1854

9. Ernst Mohr was born February 10, 1854. Ernst was a businessman in Glasgow England.

Johannes died April 3, 1875 in Schlitz.

Dorthea died August 2, 1875 in Schlitz.