Eli R. Mathis and Esther Phillips

Eli Mathis was born January 14, 1823. Eli was born in Champaign County, Urbana, Ohio. Eli R. Mathis was the son of Jeremiah Mathis and Esther Mathis.

Esther Phillips was born 1853. Esther Phillips was the daughter of John Twilley Phillips and Betsy Templin.

Eli and Esther had the following children.

Alice M Mathis F 1853 A. C. Best
Leslie Eli Mathis M 1859 Alice Fesler
Janna S. Scroggins
Leonard Templin Mathis M 1823  
Guy Roy Mathis M   Grace D. Boyd

 Eli was 8 years old when his mother died. Jeremiah and sons came to Illinois in 1840 settling in Princeton. Eli learned the carpenter trade from his father. He was a pupil in the old log school house in West Bureau. He opened a grocery and dry-goods business in the old Templin building.

Eli died September 1905. Esther died February 16, 1923.