John Twilley Phillips and Elizabeth (Betsy) Templin

John Twilley Phillips was born December 13, 1807 in Somerset County, Maryland. His father was Charles Phillips Sr., his mothers name was Sarah Twilley. John married Betsy Templin on December 25, 1828 in Champaign County, Urbana, Ohio. Betsy's father was James Templin, her mother was Jane Sparks.

In Ohio, John and Betsy had two children:

Name Birth Date Where Born Spouse
James E. Phillips July 7, 1830 Ohio - Farmer and Black Smith  
Elizabeth Jane Phillips September 1, 1832 Ohio William Lemmon

John and Betsy moved from Urbana, Ohio in 1833 to West Bureau. The moved into what was known as a squatters log cabin. See: Past and Present of Bureau Co. IL

In West Bureau Co. John and Betsy had four more children:

Name Birth Date Where born Marriage Date Spouse Spouses Death Death
Sarah Phillips Dec 28, 1836 Bureau Co.   Roscoe Leonard   Jan 14, 1915
Ester Phillips Sept 29, 1834 Bureau Co.   Eli R. Mathis born 1/14/1823 February 16, 1923 September 10, 1905
Martha Phillips July 30, 1840 Bureau Co. March 16, 1864 Uriah M. Weidman born 1838 March 1, 1921  
Levi T. Phillips May 20, 1843 Bureau Co. March 14, 1864 Louisa Anthony   March 1, 1921

In 1833 they moved to Livingston County.


They are buried in the Phillips Cemetary.