William Preston
born 1590

William Preston was born January 29, 1590 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England. Williams father was Adam Preston, his mother was Anna Saunders.
William was husband to Elizabeth Preston (Sale) and Mary Preston (Seabrook)
Father of:

  1. John Preston

  2. Edward Preston

  3. Daniel Preston, I

  4. Elizabeth Alsop (Preston)

  5. Sarah Jane Meeker

  6. Richard Preston

  7. Mary Mallory

  8. John Preston

  9. Elizabeth Preston

  10. Hannah Kimberly

  11. Edward Preston

  12. Jehiel Preston

  13. Hackaliah Preston

  14. Deacon Eliasaph Preston

  15. Joseph Preston

  16. Sarah Susan Fairchild

Brother of:

  1. Thomas Preston

  2. Janet Preston

  3. Isabel Whincup

  4. Margaret Meadows

  5. Richard Preston

  6. John Preston

  7. Elder Brother Preston

  8. Ellen Preston

William Preston 44, of Giggleswick, County of York, was a Lawyer.

Mrs. Mary Preston 34, Elizabeth Preston 11, Sarah Preston 8, Mary Preston 6 and John Preston 3, were on the list of passengers on the TRUELOVE, John Gibbs, Master. She sailed September 19, 1635 From London and arrived in Boston in late November.
(The Planters of the Commonwealth in Massachusetts, 1620-1640, page 17)

He was the son of Adam Preston and Anna Saunders, married Mary Seabrook by whom he had six children in England, when he came to America in 1635, on the good ship TRUELOVE, and settled in New Haven Connecticut, where four more children were born to him.
(Preston Family Geneology, page 83)

Among the passengers by the Truelove from London to New England, Sept. 19, 1635, were the following persons: William Preston, . 44; Marie Preston, . 34; Elizabeth Preston, . 11; Sara Preston, . 8; Marie Preston, . 6; and John Preston, . 3. Also Edward Preston, . 13, came over in the Christian, March 16, 1634, and Daniel Preston, . 13, came over in the Elizabeth & Ann, April 27, 1635. Mr. Savage thinks that both of these boys were sons of the William Preston before mentioned and were sent out to prepare for the rest of the family who were soon to follow.

In his will, dated July 9, 1647, he speaks of children of the first and second wife. Hence we conclude that the Mary Preston, . 34, who came with him from England was his second wife, and we may infer that his first wife was Sarah Loomis from whom his daughter Sarah was named. It is said that he possessed real estate in Yorkshire, Eng., which he inherited from his father. This does not appear to me to prove that he did not marry the daughter of John Loomis of Braintree, for I think it probable that John Loomis came from the vicinity of Manchester.

Will dated July 9, 1647

"I, William Preston, a member of the Church of New Haven, being upon my death bed as I conceive, through the blessing of God have my understanding and memory perfect as in years past, doe make and ordained this my last will and testament in manner and form following: To Joseph Alsop's wife, my daughter, I give 20 s or if her husband be willing to take 3 acres of land, lying in first division by the seaside and build and dwell there he may. But if he intend not to dwell there, the 20 s is all she can demand.

My son Edward, I give him in the same lot before mentioned three acres of round if my wife see it may be a benefit to him to further him is way according to God or else 20 s is all he can demand. To my son Daniel I give 20 s and John is to have 20 s when he comes to bee twenty years of age; and I give my daughter Mary 20 s to be paid when she is nineteen years of age, and for the rest, when the time for payment is not mentioned I leave it to my wife when she can conveninetly pay it.

As for Mr. Meaker's wife, in that upon her marriage, and since, I have given her is more that I can give to any of her brothers and sisters, yet I give her 5 shillings. As for the rest of my estate which consists in house, lands and cattle, moveable goods which I have here in New Haven in New England, I give all to my wife for the raising up of my children that God hath given me by her, in consideration she was a means to bring me and the rest to New England. I have an estate in Old England, and for part of my house and land and other goods given by my father to my elder brother and myself wherein a foefment of law calling to counsel and left in the hands of two foefees, namely Mr. William Lamsour and Mr. William Banks to be kept in our behalf when he should demand it, ourselves, heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, laying in Yorkshire in a town called Giggleswick in Craven. This land and goods what is of it, is to be divided into four parts to be equally divided amongst the children I had by my former wife as Daniel, Edward and John Preston and my daughter Elizabeth, Sarah and Mary, and for my son John, I leave him in the hands of Brother Roger Allen and Brother Thomas Munson, to place him where they shall think good to dispose of him to such calling either by land or sea, as he shall like his calling and master. To these former I set my hand, William Preston as my own act.

William died on January 4, 1649 in New Haven  County Connecticut