Henry David Preston

Henry David Preston was born on May 7, 1880 in Bureau Co. IL. His father was Russell Orlando Preston, his mother was Mary Ann Fulkerson.He married Maude Elzora Horton on March 21, 1907 in Buda, IL. Maude was born January 7, 1885 in Buda, IL. Her father was Andrew Phillip Horton Sr., her mother was Margaret Sharer. Henry died November 10, 1922 in Buda, IL Obituary. On September 28, 1927 Maude married Harvey Hunter. Maude died in February 1936.

Henry and Maude had one child that we know of. He was Willmer Garfield Preston. Willmer was born March 21, 1907 in Buda, IL. On June 2, 1929 Willmer married Beulah Vaden Spencer. They had one child that we know of. That was Robert Lee Preston.

Robert Lee Preston was born on 7/30/1931 in Kewanee, IL. Robert apparently went west, where he met Hazel Florence Roy. Hazel was born 2/21/1937 in Mesa, AZ. Robert and Hazel where married on February 30, 1957. One of Robert's and Hazel's children was Henry David Preston. He was born on May 6, 1968 in Glendale, CA. He was married on September 4, 1992. 

Pictured below is probably Robert's and Hazel's children and spouses.