Stillmon Preston

Stillmon Preston was born 1818 in Union, NJ. But according to his obituary, see below, he was born 1811 in Oneida City, NY. He was a farmer. His first wife was Mary Carr. Mary was born in 1813. Mary's father was Ebenezer Carr, her mother was Prudence.

Stilmon's father was Stillmon C Preston.

In 1840 Stillmon would have been around 22. According to the 1840 Census, showed the following living with Stillmon:
1 white male under 5
1 white males 20 thru 29 (Stillman)
1 white male 80 thru 89 (?)
2 white females under 5
1 white female 20 thru 29 (mary)

1850 census County: Oneida Township: Camden State: New York
Stillmon Preston, age 32, occupation: laborer, real estate value $150.
Mary, 32
Taylor, 13
Elisa, 12
Hellen M., 11
William, 8
Wesley, 6
Joanna, 1
all born in NY

1860 census, Wisconsin, Sauk Co., Baraboo
T. Preston, age 24, b. New York, farmer
Lucy, 21, b. NY
George, 1, b. WI.

1860 census, Wisconsin, Chippewa Co., Bloomer
Stillman Preston, age 42, b. NY, farmer
Sarah, 42, b. NY
Nella, 22, b. NY
William 18, b. NY
Wesley, 16, b. NY
Johanna, 11, b. NY
Nancy, 10, b. NY
Russell, 11, b. NY
Ida, 3, b. WI
Charles, 1, b. WI


In 1850 Stillmon was 35. According to the 1850 Census (1850 Census Zoomed) Mary was 32. They had the following children:

  Name Birth Date Where Born Marriage Date Died Spouse
  Taylor 1837 Oswego, NY      
  Eliza 1838 Oswego, NY   January 6, 1930 Lansing Tanner
  Nella 1839 Oswego, NY March 3, 1858   Adam Elliot Akenhead
  Hellen Mary 1839        
  William 1842 Oswego, NY     Lucetta Carr
  Wesley 1844 Oswego, NY   December 15, 1864  
  Joannah 1849 Oswego, NY      
  Nancy July 12,1850 Oswego, NY   April 6, 1906 Alfred Luers

We don't know what happened to this marriage.

Stillmon then married Sarah Eliza Tanner in 1848(?) in Parish, Oswego, NY. Sarah was born 1815 in Parish, Oswego, NY. During their marriage, they moved to Wisconsin. According to the 1860 census they had the following children:

  Name Birth Date Where Born Marriage Date Died Spouse
  Russell Orlando March 22, 1853 Oswego, NY April 18, 1872 February 14, 1904 Mary Ann Fulkerson
  Ida 1858 Wisconsin      
  Charles 1859 Wisconsin      

At sometime Stillmon moved to Michigan. It is rumored that Sarah left Stillmon and went back to New York. Maybe it was at this time when Stillmon moved to Michigan. Stillmon then married Lucinda McElvan on September 7, 1866 in Branch, Michigan. While in Constantine, Michigan, Stillmon applied for military benefits. Sarah died April 6, 1890. Stillmon died 4/28/1895. Stillmon is buried in Constantine, Michigan.