William Franklin Preston (Frank) and Edith Preston

Edith and Frank Preston wedding picture 12/25/1919

Frank was born March 6, 1891 in Walnut, IL (Walnut Grove) birth certificate. His father was Russell Orlando Preston, his mother was Mary Ann Fulkerson.

Edith was born September 30, 1889 in Hollowayville, IL birth certificate. Her father was Richard Louis Phillips, her mother was Elizabeth Ann Hamm.

Frank married Edith Phillips on December 15, 1919. Wedding announcement, Marriage certificate, Certificate of marriage

They had the following children:

Name Birth Date Where born Date of marriage Spouse Death date
Charles Leroy Preston 5/22/1920 Moline, IL 3/28/1943 Helene Marie Pike  
Barbara Ruth Preston 6/3/1924 West Bureau, IL 6/25/1949 Roy J. Gustafson  
Elaine Ila Preston 7/12/1928 Kewanee, IL 11/10/1951 Louis Mohr Hast  
Helen Kay Preston 9/27/1940 Kewanee, IL 9/25/1965 Wayne Howell  

Life on the Farm

Frank died on August 22, 1961 in Moline, IL. He is buried in Sheffield, IL. Obituary

Edith died in Moline, IL on April 5, 1964. Edith is buried in Sheffield, IL. obituary

Frank Preston:












Edith Phillips 15 1/2 months:   Edith and Louisa Phillips:

Top row - second from right: Louisa Phillips
Front row - third from left: Edith Phillips


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    Leona Ulick Phillips   Ruth Phillips Neis   William Franklin Preston

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