Johann Rudolf Hast


Johann Rudolf Hast was christened  1/11/1691 and died 1/3/1757. He was a Kaufmann.

His wife was Susanna Elisabeth Hoesterich. They were married 2/23/1735 In the Evangelish Staftkirche, Giessen


His father was Johann Helfrich Hast.


They had the following children:

Johann Wilhelm Hast. Was christened 1688 and died 2/7/1746
Johannetta Elisabeth Hast was christened December 7, 1735 and died 1/21/1821
Susanna Elisabeth Hast was christened on 4/14/1739 in
Johannetta Maria Hast was christened on 11/12/1748 in Gießen.
Johann Ludwig Hast was christened on 2/15/1751 in Gießen.