Johann Helfrich Hast IUD

Johann Helfrich (Helfricus) Hast was born in Hatxfeld, Germany om January 17, 1654. His Godfather was Johannes Cloß Bürger, His Godmother was Anna Susanna, Nurse to Dodenau. His Confirmation was in 1665.


Johann Helfrich Hast IUD was a Regional Advocat Syndicus des Hauses Schffenberg. (Administrator for the Shiffenberg Monastery).


Johann attended the University of Giessen. he is mentioned in the universty's catalog, Die Dissertationen und Habilitationsschriften der Universitat Gießen. catalog

On page 206 is Johann's entry:


No 1218
Hast, Joh. Helfrich (Hatzfelda-Hassus)
Dissertatio inauguralis de cautelis contractuum.
Giessae Hass. 20. Dez. 1683: Karger. (4), 64 S. 4°
pro summis in u. j. honoribus obtinendis



This is the record of his Thesis for his doctorate, published December 20, 1683. Thesis


Hatzfelda-Hassus was the town he was from. it is now called Hatzfeld / Elder, CIP code 31556


His first wife, Anna Gertraud Kornacker was christened around 1663 and died September 8, 1697.

They were married on 10/20/1684 at Hungen (Kr.Giessen), Hessen, Germany.
They had 5 children.                                                Christened                 Died

            Johann Wilhelm Hast (stud. 1707)              1688              

            Anna Maria Hast                                           7/15/1689                 

            Johann Rudolf Hast                                      1/11/1691                  1/3/1757

            Phillip Ludwig Hast                                       12/29/1693               

            Johann Daniel Hast                                      8/9/1697

After the lose of his wife, Johann Helfrich Hast remarried. He married Anna Maria Stumpf. Her father was Metropolit i. Nidda D. Stumpf.

They had 6 more children.                                        Christened                 Died

            Gregorius Friedrich Hast                             9/23/1700

            Sophie Elisabeth Hast                                 12/23/1701                10/31/1702

            Sophie Margrethe Hast                                1702                           3/16/1706

            Johann Gottfried Hast                                   7/20/1703

            Justina Henrica Hast                                    2/20/1705                  1/16/1773

            Johanna Elisabetha Hast                             2/23/1707


Here is a document I found on the Web that mentioned Johann Helfrich Hast. He is mentioned in number 353. What is interesting is that he was called Dr. Johann Helfrich Hast. document



Advot. = Advotatus, advocatus = "Vogt" = reeve ?
(an administrator)

Procurator = Stellvertreter = representative (?) of
a person, in this case of the advotatus
so You may say Vice Administrator.

IUlic may be "IU" "ius utrumque". Ius means "law" and
"utrum" means "both", i.e. roman and canonical law,
and "lic = licentiatus" is an academic title.
The same may hold for IUD = ius utrumque doctor