Richard Lewis Phillips

Richard Lewis Phillips was born on August 20, 1874 in Cornell, Illinois. His father was Levi T. Phillips, his mother was Louisa Anthony.

Elizabeth Ann Hamm was born on July 8, 1881 in Coal Hollow, IL. Her father was Plasius (John) Hamm, her mother was Louisa Almon.

Richard and Elizabeth married on March 8, 1897 in Morris, IL marriage license

They had the following Children:

Name Birth Date Where born Date of Marriage Death Date Spouse Spouse's Death Date
Edith Phillips September 20, 1898 Bureau Co., Hollowayville, Illinois December 25, 1919 April 7, 1964 Frank Preston May 5, 1961
Louisa Phillips August 29, 1900 Bureau Co., Illinois   about 1981 Frank Hand  
Raymond Phillips March 7, 1903 Bureau Co., Sheffield, Illinois   About 1979    
Howard Phillips March 9, 1905 Bureau Co., Sheffield, Illinois   December 8, 1979 Leona Ulick born 1906 1933
Ruth Phillips April 21, 1910 Bureau Co., Sheffield, Illinois   February 13, 1996 James Neis born 9/12/1909 December 1982
Helen Francis Phillips March 26, 1913 Bureau Co., Sheffield, Illinois   1993 Alfonse Saelens  
Rose Phillips September 19, 1907 Bureau Co., Sheffield, Illinois     Frank Roberts  
Frankie Phillips October 16, 1925 Bureau Co., Sheffield, Illinois   about 1970    

It was said that Lewis only came home only to have another baby, and then went on his way. We're not sure what or who he went on his way with. Lewis and Elizabeth lived in a log cabin in Sheffield. Elizabeth washed cloths for people for income.

Elizabeth Phillips and Lewis Phillips were divorced in September 1928 because of desertion. Lewis then married Saddie. This was all considered interesting to Elaine Hast, Edith and Franks daughter since Edith never mentioned this to her children.  Edit even testified at the divorce hearing. Divorce announcement, Divorce Papers

Elizabeth died August 13, 1930 in Sheffield, IL Obituary, funeral

Lewis died December 28, 1933 in Sheffield, IL Obituary, death certificate


Elizabeth Phillips:


All the Phillips:

    Raymond Phillips     Howard Phillips    
  Rose Phillips   Edith Phillips Louisa Phillips   Ruth Phillips  
              Helen Phillips