Johann Jacob Hast

Johann Jacob Hast, In 1627 he was enrolled in the Marburg Pädagogium, Pastor of Hatzfeld from 1641 – 1657, Johann Jakob Hast Hatzfeldensis anno 1641 arrive, and to Biedenkopf . . . . In 1652 was listed as a Godfather to G Vomhof from Laasphe. In the Fall, he fell down the stairs and died.“, Birth ?, Death 1657, Married 17.01.1639 Maria Mÿlius, Birth ? Death ? , Daughter of Johann Mÿlius, Citizen of Biedenkopf


1. Maria Elisabetha Hast, Born 1639 baptized 27.10.1639 Godmother: his Stepmother Maria konf. 02.06.1650, Death ? Married 20.04.1661 Adam Wild, Ludimoderator in Hatzfeld, Paster to Dexbach, 

2. Johannes Hast, Birth around 1641 konf. 1654
                        Illegitimate Son:

Hanß Peter Hast, [u] Birth 04.02.1679 baptized 09.02.1679, Maria Johannes Beumners widow has a son in disgrace, The father was  Johannes. Born 04. February 1679. was baptized...“ Godfather: Johannes Hutmann, Mother: Anna Maria Busch, Birth 1636 in Holzhausen. Died March 1714 Buried 29.05.1714, 78 years old, Daughter of Gerlach Busch, Müller to Holzhausen Married 24.05.1659 Johannes Bäumner, Hatzfeld, Born 1639 Baptized 30.06.1639 Died after 1668 before 1672, Son of Hans Joist Mayor and Alderman and der Catharina Freitag

3. Anna Elisabeth Hast, Birth 1644, baptized 18.02.1644 Sponsors: the Reverend and Well-praised ? M... Brück Priest of Battenberg .... Mrs Clara Anna of Hatzfeld geb. Fleckenbühl gnt. Birglin, the virtuous woman Anna Engelin born Camerariin. Agnes Henrich Schreibers of Battenberg Haußfrau

4. Maria Catharina Hast, Birth around 1654 , Married 12.11.1672  Johannes Christopherus Dornseiff, Ludimoderator in Hatzfeld, , Son of Johann Wilhelm Dornseiff, Pastor to Eisenhausen

5. Maria Hedwig Hast, Birth 03.06.1651 baptized 15.06.1651 Godmother: the virtuous woman Maria Hedwig Office Woman to Battenberg, Death 11.10.1653 Buried 12.10.1653.
Johann Jacob Hast current Pastors youngest and favorite daughter, is the 10 October
which stood true with a heated head incurred gave birth and had been ill, it was then the 11t which Bruckhard morning for two hours against violent day began laboring up the imaginary 12t month. marked inter-12t 1 clock in the noon day in which Wall Calendar Fried calls it was ready to bury the love. God blessed this world was the 14t ejudem Calixi was on the day before Hedwigstag Aetatis ... 2 years 18 weeks and 4 1 / 2 day.

6. Johann Helfricus (Helfrich) Hast, Birth 17.01.1654 Baptized 25.01.1654 Sponsors: Johannes Cloß Bürger and Frau Anna Susanna Nurse to Dodenau, konf. 1665, Died in Giessen.

7. Johann Daniel Hast, Birth 1656