Russell Orlando Preston

Russell Orland Preston was born in the Parish of Oswego County, NY on March 22, 1853. His father was Stillman Preston, his mother was Eliza Tanner. Russell married Mary Ann Fulkerson on April 18, 1872 in Newbury Cass County, Coldwater, Michigan. marriage certificate

Mary Ann Fulkerson was born Feb 20, 1856 Cass County, Michigan. Her father was Lewis D. Fulkerson, her mother was Mary Ann Carr.

They moved to Bureau County Illinois in 1875.

They had the following children:

Name Birth Birth Place Died Marriage Date Spouse Spouse Death
Polly Mae Preston 3/9/1873 Cass Co. Porter, Michigan 8/7/1954 4/22/1896 James Lockard 3/19/1948
Clarence Wesley Preston 1/6/1875 Cass Co. Porter, Michigan 3/10/1963 1/4/1900 Annie Conley  
Bertha Isabel Preston 6/3/1876 Bureau Co., IL 8/21/1955 6/11/1892 John Q Truedson  
Maggie Maud Preston 10/29/1877 Bureau Co., IL 10/31/1879      
Ella Elizabeth Preston 1/8/1879 Bureau Co., IL 7/26/1894      
Henry David Preston 5/7/1880 Bureau Co., IL 11/10/1922 3/21/1907 Maude Horton  
James Arthur Preston 1/15/1882 Bureau Co., IL 5/26/1967 6/15/1905 Susan Martin  
Nellie Blanch Preston 9/27/1884 Bureau Co., IL 2/25/1945      
Cora R. Preston 1/4/1887 Bureau Co., IL 2/15/1887      
Nora M. Preston 1/4/1887 Bureau Co., IL 2/17/1974 11/15/1905 Frank Henry Truedson  
Benjamin Russell Preston 3/12/1889 Bureau Co., IL 3/29/1941 12/9/1910 Cora B. Bartlett (divorced)  
William Franklin Preston 3/6/1891 Bureau Co., Walnut, IL 5/5/1964 12/25/1919 Edith Phillips  
Geneva Mary Ann Preston 2/26/1893 Bureau Co., IL 1984      
Grace Pearl Preston 9/7/1896 Bureau Co., IL 11/11/1969 4/29/1915 George Homer Roberts  

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Russell was buried Feb 24, 1904 in Sheffield, Illinois. Obituary

Marry Ann died July 9, 1932 in Sheffield, Illinois. Obituary